directing change
achieving success

Creative services¬†companies too often treat operations management as an afterthought. This is understandable, since these firms are founded to develop big ideas, produce great creative, and provide outstanding service. Unfortunately, the back end gets just enough attention to execute the firm’s core mission and little more. However, when operations receives the attention it deserves, everything your company¬†does is done better, more efficiently, and with less stress and expense.

I’m Glenn Towle and I founded Momentum Agency Management Advisors to share my insights with you. With 25+ years of experience and in my role as Principal, COO, and CFO of Merrick Towle Communications, I’ve learned that operations management is about much more than control. It’s about empowering your team to direct change; it’s about your team exhibiting the leadership needed to facilitate success.

If you’d like to improve your operations, increase efficiency, streamline processes, and position yourself to do more and better work with less stress and fewer headaches, I’d like to help.