is here to help

My first goal is to get to know you and your company, your goals and ambitions. Then, I’ll craft meaningful insights based on real experience yet personalized to you and your objectives. This will provide more impactful benefits, far beyond what you’ll find in lists of best practices. Here are a few of the many ways Momentum can help:

    • Develop accurate, meaningful, and timely financial reporting so you know what’s going on when it matters
    • Simplify billing and improve collection techniques to quicken cash flow, increase timeliness, even add AGI
    • Refine workflow and scheduling to facilitate better results with less effort
    • Create or improve information storage and sharing systems, including implementation of agency management software solutions
    • Analyze company motivation and reward systems including personnel reviews, compensation and benefit packages, open book management, profit sharing, etc.

Additionally, Momentum advises agency principals and leadership on issues that will help produce sustainable transformation in your company’s culture while making your own work routine more productive and less stressful. I can help you:

    • Recruit, hire, and train the right people for your organization
    • Create, empower, and mentor key leadership positions
    • Delegate more responsibilities in new and beneficial ways
    • Reduce distractions so you can stop reacting and spend more time working with intention
    • Develop vision and values statements to ensure the company’s culture reflects your core principles
    • Set short- and long-term goals for you and for the company, and create accountability systems to measure progress
    • Create an environment where you can spend less time working in the business and be more effective working on the business, truly providing the unique and invaluable skills only you can contribute